Vegans of Weight Watchers

Most diet plans tell you that in order to lose weight, you need to limit your carbs while increasing lean protein.  Others (like Paleo) insist on eating massive amounts of fat to keep full and eliminating carbs.  Both methods almost always include large amounts of eggs, dairy, and meat.  So, what do you do if you are vegan or plant-based?


I would like to introduce you to Lori Manby, founder of Vegans of Weight Watchers.  I met Lori online while searching for a healthy plant-based lifestyle and offered to help her with her website in exchange for advice and tips. What I found out is amazing!  Lori is all over social media sharing her incredible story:  she has been maintaining an 80 pound weight loss for over a year and a half.  Her pictures, tips, and tricks are inspiring so many.  In fact, her motto is: “Support, Motivate, Inspire”.

Many think that a vegan or plant-based diet is a sure way to lose weight.  Lori was a vegan for a few years at her highest weight.  It’s actually pretty easy to eat and gain weight as a vegan especially if not used to eating plant protein.  Lori has found a way to incorporate the Weight Watchers plan with her vegan choices and is happy to share all of her secrets of success.

This recent podcast will give you Lori’s whole story when she was interviewed on Veggie Doctor Radio.  You will find that Lori is an upbeat and direct person who has no problem talk about her diagnosed life-long binge disorder and her ethical reasons for going plant-based.  She does so without being judgmental and finds great joy in helping others achieve their goals.  In fact, this is not Lori’s job and she does not get paid.  As she says, she just wants to help others to her side of the scale.  She is also a contributing writing to Simple Nourished Living and I encourage you to read her inspiring articles.

After months of chatting via text and email, I finally had the chance to meet Lori in person a few weeks ago in LA.  Even through a recent hand surgery (from a fall where she broke both wrists!), Lori is still in touch and supporting everyone through her social media links.  The hub of her content is in Facebook with over 2000 members on her Vegans of Weight Watchers group.  Members share stories, recipes, ask questions, and give each other support through the sometimes complicated way of trying to lose weight while being vegan.   Lori compiled some of her best tips and tricks in this Google document.  You can also follow Lori on Snapchat/Twitter: VEGANSofWW;  Instagram: @vegansofweightwatchers; subscribe to her Youtube channel, or connect on her website


I follow all of Lori’s sites and have since bought an air fryer (LOVE this one on Amazon:  hello sweet potato fries!) and waffle iron (which does amazing things for tofu).   A tofu press is a big time saver and really helps get rid of that awful tofu water flavor.  I also cannot live without my Vitamix for morning smoothies (to save costs, mine is refurbished and it really works pulverizing greens and frozen fruit) and a spirulizer for zoodles (zucchini noodles) and other veggies spirals.  Last, but not least, I just got this awesome Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale that wirelessly connects to my FitBit (and the FitBit connects to the Weight Watchers app).  These products all have easy links to the actual ones I use and like on Amazon.

Besides Amazon, I am a huge fan of ThriveMarket.  It’s like the Costco meets Amazon for organic and healthy food ingredients.  For a $59 annual membership, you can literally save hundreds off your grocery bill with the convenience of home delivery.  A win/win!  Using this link, you can now receive 25% off your first order (which may easily add up and help pay for your annual membership)!  You can’t beat the prices for Bob’s Mill products, Bragg’s, and more.

See my previous blog about ThriveMarket for more information.


Lori will be the first to tell you that she is a convenience food shopper.  I highlighted a few of her personal food recommendations with links to Amazon.  You can also find these products at many other stores including Trader Joe’s (her favorite), GNC, or even Costco.

Gardein Beefless Burger
Follow Your Heart Vegan Eggs
Natierra Organic Chocolate Covered Banana Chips
Lucy’s Chocolate Chip Cookies
D’s Naturals No Cow Nutritional Bars
Enjoy Life Chewy Bars


Whether you are a vegan or not, please check out Lori’s blogs, videos, and podcast and join her Facebook group or visit her at She truly “Supports, Motivates, and Inspires”!


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