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Do you dislike grocery stores as much as I do during flu season?  As much as I’d love to pick out my own fruit and vegetables, I love not getting sick more.  I’m also not a fan of long lines at checkout.  And who really loves to grocery shop with their children?

Enter grocery delivery services!  I love them and use them often.  It’s actually more cost effective than you think: no impulse buying, time to compare brands and ingredients, and sorting by unit price to see the true cost.  

I love ThriveMarket and use it all the time because of the variety of healthy options at a fraction of the retail cost.  There is a $59.99 yearly membership but they guarantee that you will save a significant amount of money.  If you don’t make your membership fee back in savings by the end of the year, they will give you the difference in credit after you renew for another year.  Click here to get 20% off your first 3 orders (which can cover your year’s subscription!).

Peapod is probably the most well known service and has the best reputation for good reason.  Their drivers are consistently cordial and on time.  The produce is always fresh and what I would have picked myself.  Check out their new meal kits (which compare to others like Blue Apron).  The Pod Pass is similar to an Amazon Prime subscription with free delivery.  Always sign up for the emails which sends you coupons and codes for discounts and occasional free samples.  Click here to sign up for free and get $20 off your first order.

Instacart is the speediest grocery delivery service I found with deliveries as quick as one hour or later in the week – you decide.   While the first delivery is free (and totally worth trying), the delivery cost is a bit higher than Peapod.  Click here to sign up, then use my Promo code BBUYS1E7112 to get $10 and free delivery off your first order.

Who doesn’t like everything Amazon?  Amazon Fresh is a grocery delivery currently available in certain areas.  Pros: In typical Amazon fashion, customer service is fantastic:  if an item is out of stock, they’ll replace it with a similar product and credit you the cost.  Delivery days and times are customizable.  Since its acquisition of Whole Foods, you can get about 1000 Whole Foods items delivered.  Cons: You may not find everything you’re looking for (but it might be in Prime Pantry).  The cost may be prohibitive because you need to subscribe for the $14.99 per month on top of your Prime membership.  It’s still worth a try with this link giving you a month of free membership.

Walmart Grocery Pickup is seriously a life-changer! You order fresh groceries, Walmart does the shopping and loads your car for free. How easy is that?  Click here to get $10 to try it.

My newest find is Boxed.  I love this delivery service for bulk items like paper towels, cases of beverages, or other large sized items.  Picture a combination of Costco and Amazon and you’ll have Boxed.  Don’t forget to check out the free samples tab where you get to choose 2 free items with every order.  Click here for a free account and get $15 off your first order.

How about you?  Have you found any good deals out there?  Please let me know if any of these sites worked for you.

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