Cashback Websites: Scam or Legit?

You will soon be asking why you haven’t used cashback websites sooner?  All those wasted points and kickbacks!  With the ever-growing trend of shopping online, you are just throwing away money if you don’t subscribe to at least one of these.   Luckily, I found out about these about 2 years ago and now receive checks in the mail every few weeks.  The savings really add up if you can make larger purchases when there’s a good sale and higher kickback percentages.

For example, recently I ordered blackout cellular shades for my bedrooms from JCPenney.  Their sale combined with 10% cash back from EBates resulted in $386 savings on custom shades valued at $650.    Yes, without Ebates, I still had a good deal, but that extra $30+ dollars is a bonus I would have just thrown away had I not known about these kickback sites.

There are so many of these sites out there, but here are the ones that I use that are free.

Ebates Cashback Website

Ebates provides up to 25% cash back on shopping over 2000 online stores.  Its free to join, and if you click here, you’ll receive a $10 store gift card when spending $25 or more.  Be sure to authenticate your account via email when signing up.  Your cash is withheld for 60 days to ensure nothing is returned and then payments are dispersed via check or PayPal every 3 months.

There are many reasons why I love Ebates as a cashback website:

  • First of all, Ebates is one of the original cashback websites and has a BBB rating of A+.  This site was created in 1999 by two deputy district attorneys who specialized in online crimes.
  • You can download an icon to appear on your toolbar making it easy to check to see if your shopping site is connected.  Clicking on it reveals your current cashback as well as your lifetime earnings totals.
  • Ebates offers stackable coupons making your deals that much greater.
  • In-store purchases can also be made by adding your credit or debit card to your Ebates account.
  • Every week, Ebates picks several stores and offers double cash back as well as direct links to exceptional store discounts and sales, making it easier to comparison shop.

TopCashback Cashback Website

Like Ebates, TopCashback is also one of the top free cashback websites but it offers more stores (about 3,500 retail sites).  This is a UK-based site with a US interface (you may notice some phrasing differences).  You can receive $10 in cash back through this link:  $10 TopCashback.

Similar to Ebates, TopCashBack is free and uses stackable coupons.  It differs in its payout, however.  TopCashBack offers the opportunity to receive payment in the form of American Express Reward Card and will tack on an extra 3% if you choose it.  They occasionally offer other gifts cards (like Amazon) with an extra 3%.

Which One is Better?

Personally, I like and use both cashback websites.  TopCashBack has more stores, but Ebates offer double cash back and in-store incentives.  I usually check both to ensure I’m getting the best deal.

Notable Mentions

There are so many other cashback websites that I thought I’d mention a few more and give you a link for discounts if you would like to check them out:

Swagbucks:  Swagbucks uses Swagbucks Points or SBs: You’ll earn 1 SB for each dollar spent. Like the others, you can download a button that will alert you if the site you’re on honors Swagbucks.  The difference is that you decide if you have enough points to cash in for a prize you like or a PayPal gift card.  Get $10 worth of Swagbucks with this link: Swagbucks $10 Cashback

GivingAssistant – Give your earnings back to charity.  GivingAssistant gives you the opportunity to choose a charity or keep the cash yourself.  Click here to join for free and get $5:  GivingAssiant $5 Cashback

There are many others that are free or require a monthly fee.  I don’t recommend signing up for all of them or you will be overwhelmed.  Try out a few and then uninstall the ones that don’t represent the stores you normally shop.

Comments, recommendations, and success stories always welcome!

Ebates  TopCashBack  Swagbucks  GivingAssistant


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